We are very excited to showcase our Moroccan imports for the first time! Stop by BOOTH #2 to say hi and to checkout our authentic handmade Moroccan caftans, djellabas, gandouras, hats, scarves, belts and more! We'll also be sharing a booth with Mearna Designs. Hope to see you there!

The 2nd edition of the Moroccan Souk Festival 2022 will take you to the vibrant atmosphere of the Moroccan historical souk. It’s adventurous trip right in the middle of the Mel Lastman square. You will enjoy a rich and vibrant culture where Africans, Arabs and Europeans have left their cultural imprints.

Enjoy the shows of Andalusian and Berber bride, the colourful Caftans and African Gnaoua music while shopping for exotic products such as Argan oil, Black soap or Tagine. It is all mixed as it’s Morocco itself. The souk is one stop for shopping, being in a Moroccan wedding and participating in Caftan fashion show. It’s the place to be for families and kids, a blend of culture, connection, and shopping.

- Moroccan Bride Show (Aaroussa)
- Gnaoua music band
- Caftan fashion show
- Kids activities
- Hana
- Moroccan sweets and food
- and much more

Only one day to enjoy this unforgettable moment right on Yonge Street in the Mel Lastman Square.