Our handmade caftans, djellabas and gandouras are made by artisans in one of the largest shops in the Fez. The artisans make the fabric in house on large looms while the seamstress masterfully beads and embroiders the details to make unique pieces for all occasions.  


The Henna Night (A.K.A - Noche de Novia, Mehendi) is a popular ceremony among many cultures including Persian, Moroccan, Israeli, Indian & Turkish just to name a few. They are practiced in Muslim, Jewish & Christian religions and used to celebrate and prepare the bride and groom for their wedding.


Wholesale pricing is available for orders of a minimum of 6 or more caftans. You can mix quality, prices and styles. Any order for less than 6 will not qualify and therefore be charged full retail price. Bridal parties are welcome to receive wholesale pricing if 6 more of their guests shop with us.


In this catalogue, we have provided multiple examples of available colours and styles. They are meant as a guide. Our representative in Morocco is flexible and willing to provide photos prior to purchase. You can choose to let us provide an assortment for you, or you can let us know the style and colours you’d like and we can send some photos for your approval.